A bit aboutmy journey

All throughout high school I was happily proclaiming that I was going to be an architect. But, after my first introduction at the university of Eindhoven I decided that it wasn't for me. On a hunch I enrolled for the introduction day of the Industrial Design faculty. And 5,5 years later I graduated as a Master of Industrial design.

After some well earned travelling through the United States and working as a UX designer for one year, I went freelance to turn to more creative pursuits. I like making crisp illustrations and animations and I'm working hard to develop a recognisable personal style.

Skills & Software




After Effects


Adobe Animate



I love all movies, but animated movies have a special place in my heart. There is something unique about animation. Everything that shows up on screen has to be placed there. I really appreciate the effort that goes into the making of an animated story.

Video games

As a kid I was always drawn to video games. When my older brother bought the original Xbox with Halo: Combat Evolved I was sold. It's still one of my favourite past times even though I don't have as much time as when I was 14. Probably a good thing.