For a while I’ve been posting some small animation projects on Instagram. Mostly consisting of silly little characters or things I wanted to try. Never with any great consistency. I was looking for a format that would help me to document my thoughts on the things I read, see and experience. Something that made sense to share and would also serve as a personal blog. Something that would be fun to look back at in a couple of years.

So I’ve started to make these simple text animations, that combine Motion Design and Frame by Frame animation. They’re based on the things that inspire me. They can be based on books, movies, YouTube videos, anything really. In this case it was a song lyric by Little Dicky. At best, I have a rough idea of what I’m doing and where I’m going. The song “Russel Westbrook on a farm” by Little Dicky, perfectly sums up that ongoing search as a challenging and rewarding odyssey.